What's in Store?

Good-bye mass market. Good-bye polyester.
At Weavers Studio, we strive to create luxurious, handcrafted textiles that bring new life to ancient techniques. We excel at designing and manufacturing handwoven, hand-embellished and naturally dyed products with the view to inspire love and respect for India’s finest textiles.

Style with Integrity

As leaders in handwoven, ethical textiles, we are completely transparent with our customers. Each of our one-of-a-kind pieces is made with care and creativity at our Kolkata factory. Since we are personally involved in every stage of production, we can guarantee our products’ authenticity, constitution and quality.

People Over Profits

The saturation of low quality, mass-produced goods has almost depleted the textiles industry of their incredibly skilled craftspeople. At Weavers Studio, we create safe and secure employment opportunities for local artisans and are constantly strategizing ways to ensure greater opportunities for future generations.

Sustainable Textiles

Reviving India’s handloom narrative, championing natural materials and redefining the luxury fashion space are goals we envisage when practicing sustainability. As a business that proudly engages in conscious commerce, we are committed to reducing our industry’s carbon footprint by ensuring our fabrics are crafted in an ecologically favourable manor.